Girlfriend Tells Him What Happened, Horrifying What Changes When He Returns

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Something isn’t right here. There must be part of the story missing. A woman was raped in Minnesota and took revenge into her own hands, or in this case her boyfriend’s hands. Then they hid the evidence. Everything changed when they committed this crime, their lives will be terrible from here on out, either over a guilty conscience ( if they have one) or because they will be behind bars.

The woman then allegedly hid the machete.
According to the complaint, she had told Thoresen that Haiman, 20, had sexually assaulted her.
Her attorney didn’t return a phone message for comment.

Thoresen was arrested after he ambushed the victim and brutally killed him, prosecutors said.

His girlfriend told police that he became upset after she told him she’d been raped in their apartment.
Haiman showed up there after Thoresen invited him over. The pair were listed as friends on Facebook.

At the apartment, both beat Haiman, with Thoresen telling him that he should not have raped ‘my girl,’ according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
The three of them then left the apartment and went to smoke marijuana with others.
The group is then believed to have met up with another friend to take methamphetamine.
Police said they then drove around in the woods before pulling over.

Thoresen allegedly hit Haiman with a baseball bat while they were both standing in front of the vehicle.
According to a police report, he then stabbed Haiman in the back and abdomen.
Thoresen then took the machete, decapitated Haiman and threw the victim’s head in the woods.
Haiman was reported missing on Saturday.

His missing vehicle had been spotted late Friday night, with Thoresen in the passenger seat.
The driver took off, but was caught several miles later.
Thoresen was briefly detained at the scene, the Star Tribune reported.

What a morbid way to get revenge. The driver told the officer that Thoresen was threatening him with a knife during the entire pursuit, and he even confessed to decapitating Haiman. This guy is a crazy person! He let his rage go uncontrolled! Haiman’s Torso was located first, then they stumbled upon his head about an hour later.

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