Get 10 Free Matt 5:9 Bracelets to Hand Out to Law Enforcement Officers!

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The Matt 5:9 ministry is the most incredible and fastest growing movement in the country! Take some time to thank your local law enforcement with these free Matt 5:9 bracelets!

Paul Trammel had an idea and he has put it into motion! In today’s climate, our Law Enforcement Officers are under attack and often in need of encouragement!

To help combat that atmosphere, Paul will send you 10 of these Matt 5:9 bracelets if you will just promise to give them away as you come across your local law enforcement. Just send him an email! (Details below!)

It is pretty simple! When you come across a member of your local law enforcement, the bracelet is a gift that gives you an opportunity to start a dialogue, thank them for their bravery and hard work, and let them know that they are appreciated for the sacrifice they make!.

The Matt 5:9 ministry is the most incredible and fastest growing movement in the country! Take some time to thank your local law enforcement with these free Matt 5:9 bracelets!

Paul also has a Facebook Group where you can find more information as well as meet and greet with citizens and law enforcement who have participated in the project.

I interviewed Paul on American Sovereignty Radio with my co-hosts Jennifer Montrose and Gary Rumer! Listen in as we learned about this project!

The response has been phenomenal. What started as one man’s outreach, has grown to a 50 state movement in very short time.

Paul is rapidly organizing the venture and while he funded the beginning, it is quickly becoming a project that will need funds to continue. The Matt 5:9 project will rely on donations as Paul wants to continue to send the bracelets in packs of 10 out at no cost.

Donations are accepted and appreciated! Paul is currently setting the Matt 5:9 project up into a non-profit, but until then you can send a gift via PayPal at  2059030808. Your donation will go towards helping pay for postage, supplies and future orders of wristbands. You may also donate by check. Please make check payable to Paul Trammell and include Matt 5:9 in the note section. Mail checks to Paul Trammell, 7440 Mountain Laurel Drive, Pinson, AL. 35126.

How do I get Matt 5:9 wristbands – Email your name and address to [email protected] and Paul will send you 10 wristbands.

Why only 10? – Part of this ministry is to get the citizens of our communities personally involved by having positive encounters with peace officers. And we want as many people that want to participate in this ministry, to be able to do so. Limiting the packets to 10 allows us to do this.

What do I say to the officer? – It’s real simple. Say what’s on your heart. Introduce yourself and extend a hand. Tell them that you appreciate what they do and that you, along with hundreds of others will be praying for their safety every day. If you want, invite them to visit the Facebook page.

*If you approach an officer while he or she is sitting in their car, please approach from the front if at all possible with both hands visible. We want the officers to know this is intended to be a friendly encounter. Remember, you are a complete stranger to them so don’t be offended if they have their guard up or don’t want to shake hands, offer a fist pump instead.

Another way to support Matt 5:9 is to get a T-Shirt!

Another way to support Matt 5:9 is to get a T-Shirt!

Matt 5:9 Project Tee Shirts. $25 each. Shipping is included in the price. Outside the state of Alabama, add $2 per shirt. 100% of profits will go towards supporting this ministry. You can place your order by emailing [email protected] Be sure to put Tee Shirt in the subject or by responding to this post. I will need the following information: size, quantity and style (reg fit or slim fit), name and address. When paying by Paypal, be sure to use the “friends and family” option and include your mailing address. Checks made payable to Paul Trammell (Write m59Tee in notation) and mailed to Paul Trammell 7440 Mountain Laurel Drive, Pinson, AL. 35126.

In conclusion I would like to reprint a portion of a post from Officer Cory Upton, of Huntsville Police Department, from the Matt 5:9 Facebook group. THIS is why this is such a powerful ministry in need of support!

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to a wonderful angel God gave me the privilege to meet. I’m talking about Karen Griffith. As I was leaving the post office, she was standing by the exit and asked if she could speak with me. She introduced herself and asked if she could give me something…she then held open her hand and I saw the Blue Matthew 5:9 Bracelet. I felt like I just won the lottery. I can’t begin to explain how big of a privilege it is to receive one of these bracelets….to know that I was chosen by Ms Griffith to receive such a gift.

Being in Law Enforcement for a little over 18 years, I never thought that I would look in the mirror before shift and realize that I’m the most hated person in America according to the media. I also never thought I would see the day when we were “openly targeted” and to see protesters chant that they want “dead cops.” I’ve seen many of my brothers and sisters start to loose a little faith. I, myself started to “fall from Grace,” if you will, with the profession that I have loved, sweated, cried, brought me to my knees and bled for.

As I leave for work each morning, more than I ever have in 18 years, I wonder if today is the day that Alabama makes the news about another senseless killing of LEO, or, if I will make it home to see my beautiful wife, my 16 year daughter, my 13 year old daughter and my 9 month old daughter. It truly feels as though war has been declared on us and we are left alone to defend ourselves.

You can read the rest of Officer Upton’s post in the Matt 5:9 FB group, along with many more testimonials.

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