FBI to Get Hazardous Duty Pay! They Spent Four Hours With Hillary!!

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Hillary Clinton spent nearly four hours at FBI Headquarters yesterday being grilled by at least eight senior agents, including FBI Director James Comey.  They deserve hazardous duty pay and most likely will receive disability pay for hearing loss and sleep loss due to nightmares from listening to this.


There were rumors that they would be going to her home – hereinafter referred to as “the scene of the crime” – but they didn’t.  They hauled her into the Hoover Building.  Her campaign keeps blubbering about how the interview was “voluntary.”  Kind of like how paying your income taxes is “voluntary.”

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She’s so willing to be open with the FBI but refused to talk to the State Department Inspector General.  Transparency.  She learned that from Barack.

The major media – Democrats with bylines – are working overtime to cover Hillary’s fat behind.  Here’s a sample from the New York Times.

Federal law deems it a crime to “knowingly” mishandle classified information outside secure government channels or to permit the practice through “gross negligence.”

None of the emails on Mrs. Clinton’s private server were marked classified at the time they were sent or received, but the Central Intelligence Agency later determined that some contained material that would be considered “top secret.”

Befitting a defense of Hillary, that is a flat out lie.

Among the emails in question are several that included both Signal Intelligence and Human Intelligence.  Highly classified satellite pictures and names of US operatives in foreign countries.  If Hillary needs a stamp on those emails to know they’re classified at the highest levels she’s unfit to wake up in the morning.

Additionally, she set up a personal server in the bathroom of her house in Long Island.  She did it without getting permission and she never had a State Department email address.  The security on that server was tenuous at best.  She did it knowingly.  The server was hacked on multiple occasions.  She never requested a State Department email address after any of the hacks.

Finally, as to “knowingly,” are we really expected to believe that she didn’t think that during her term as Secretary of State she would NEVER receive classified information by email?  Please.

We’ll see what’s going to happen.  The only thing I’m sure of at this point is that it’s going to be a long, hot summer and it won’t anything to do with global warming.

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