Entitled Islamist Chomps Down On Sandwich, Chokes In HORROR By What He Bites

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This girly man squealed when he tasted the abominable yummy flavor of pork in his sandwich. Because heaven forbid, someone made a mistake when it came to a Muslim’s choice of food. The lengths that this school went through to apologize are REDICULIOUS!

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“It was in a plain packet and I thought it was the tuna one I normally buy.

“It was labelled tuna.

“When I went back to the staff they said it was halal chicken so I got a friend who is non-Muslim to check it and he confirmed it was bacon.
“I went back to the staff and only then did the one of the manager admit that it was bacon.

“It happened just before Ramadan and I am always careful what I eat and I felt sick after the incident.”

He said he managed to take a picture of the product before it was taken away from him by staff.

A spokesperson from Preston’s College said: “Preston’s College works hard to ensure its students, staff and visitors receive a high quality and wide selection of catering services ran by its sub-contractor Chartwells.

“As such, we would like to directly apologise to the student for the incident and make assurances that we have taken steps with our catering company to ensure this does not happen again.”

A spokesperson from Chartwells added: “We are committed to providing our customers with a high level of quality and choice, serving a range of dietary requirements including a strong halal offering. In this instance, this was an unfortunate error made by one of our colleagues.

“We recognise the sensitivity of this mistake and sincerely apologise. We have re-briefed our staff and updated the labelling of our products to ensure it won’t happen again.”

My first thought was, even though I am no fan of catering to Muslims, they should be able to buy a sandwich that is what it says it is(pork free). Before you get too mad, I only thought this out of concern for people with food allergies. Given that I have food allergies, I immediately changed my mind. When you are trying to avoid certain foods you bring your own food! Don’t put your trust that someone else cares enough about your diet to make sure it’s got everything you want or don’t want in your dang sandwich! People make mistakes, how many times have you discovered that horrid crunch in your burrito only to realize that the onions you didn’t want are indeed included in your meal? These Muslims have become so entitled they think we care about the lack of pork in their meal just as much as they do!

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