Entitled Islamic Woman Demands Burka In Workplace, Shocked At What She Gets Instead!

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Justice is served! A woman recently converted to Islam and demanded everyone cater to her new found hobby by letting her hide her face at work. The employer didn’t find this appropriate and terminated her, so she sued. When the judge sounded his gavel it was not a joyful sound for this woman in the end!

The ruling in the Austrian Supreme Court said the woman’s offer to remove her veil while dealing with members of the public did not go far enough because interaction with office colleagues would also be affected.


The veiled woman, identified only as Gertraud M and from Lower Austria, had previously worn a headscarf but started to wear a full veil when she got cancer and “wanted to be closer to Allah”.

She told the court in Vienna: “I was diagnosed with cancer and was told I had three months, maybe a year to live. I started to wear the veil to already be closer to Allah.

“I had considered not doing it because some problems would be predictable of course but my heart cried afterwards so I started covering my face.”

She continued: “I cannot understand why my employer thinks it causes problems in communication, that he cannot tell whether I understood his instructions or not.

“He can look in my eyes, see my gestures and hear the pitch in my voice. My children understand me as well when I am veiled in a public place and speaking to them.

Muslims demand respect and never return the favor. What makes them think they are so special that everyone will bow to their every wish? There is a reason people are afraid of Muslims, terrorist attacks aren’t some far away occurrence that rarely happen, they are now almost happening on a weekly basis! To paint yourself the part of a traitor means you will get treated like one, she’s lucky she only got sacked at work instead of getting shipped off on a boat!

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