What Else Would You Expect From Obama in a Crisis?

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Leave it to Obama to take ANY problem and turn it into an attack on the 2nd Amendment. He seems to always find a way to incorporate his gun control agenda into any event, including the memorial service last week for the five police officers killed in Dallas.

After listing the underfunding of government social programs and schools as part of the problem, Obama said, “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.”


The response to Obama’s words on Twitter was prolific. Radio talk show host and gun rights supporter Dana Loesch tweeted:

Obama was actually giving a great speech before he turned it into a partisan political lecture on gun control, race, and policing.

Michelle Ray added:

America is racist and we need gun control. @Potus is incapable of even the most common decency.

Then there was Michelle Malkin’s tweet:

The bullshit. It smolders. https://twitter.com/CBSEveningNews/status/752944226606936065 

Hot Air’s Katie Pavlich added:

Obama wrote his own speech today, according to the White House.

Of course, he did. Only Obama would turn a memorial event into an event about gun control and racism. Our country has NEVER been more divided about race, since the early ’60’s. Thanks, Obama. I bet all those who voted for the first Muslim-American African-American president of the United States would have never guessed THIS is what you REALLY meant by “hope” and “change”.  The REAL transformation of America…who knew?

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