Drunk Praises Allah at Busy Restaurant… Islamists Horrified by What Happens Next

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I can’t imagine enjoying an evening out and then have your heart stop when you see this! They should have been relaxing and instead, they were sprinting out of the restaurant in fear of their lives.

A young man raised himself onto a bar stool and with his hands in the air yelled: “Allah is the only one true God”. Accordingly, everyone(even liberals) bolted out the door fleeing for their lives.

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Moreover, the 21-year-old perpetrator, Ralmanzow Bell, had been wearing a suspicious backpack — kind of like the ones used by radical Islamists to hide suicide bombs.

Thankfully, restaurant employees managed to pull Bell off the bar and drag him outside, after which authorities arrested him for disorderly conduct.

“Instincts kicked in that this may be a terrorism attack,” restaurant owner Aaron Horsewood said about the whole affair. “Whether it was legitimate or not, that’s how you had to view it at that moment.”

It turned out not to be a terrorist attack. Instead it was an example of a drunk moron with a criminal history acting like a fool yet again.

Yet the restaurant’s various customers — some of whom were probably conservatives, others of whom were likely more liberal — all acted the same way: They bailed out of that bar out of concern for their own safety and well-being.

Now here’s a question for liberals, as well as for the grievance mongers who make up the Council on American-Islamic Relations: Does the customers’ behavior make them racists?

Definitely not. Being afraid of a bomb only makes them human, it’s like saying don’t flinch when I pretend to punch you. That’s just not the way things work, people are cautious, and for good reason, we only get one life.

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