Why Don’t All Republicans Attack the Lib Media Like This? We Would NEVER Lose!

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Don Lemon is a CNN news reader who has a Progressive chip on his shoulder. This weekend he got the chip knocked off his shoulder by Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee.

Lemon was grilling Sheriff Clarke about police shootings and describe the #BlackLivesMatter movement as an “peaceful” group. Lemon can push that description even though he was in Ferguson while #BlackLivesMatter burned the city down. He was in Baltimore when #BlackLivesMatter thugs tried to burn Baltimore down. And he sat by and watched – with no comment – while #BlackLivesMatter increasingly calls for violence at “protests” like the one in Phoenix. That demonstration, sponsored by #BlackLivesMatter, was titled an “anti-police demonstration” by the organizers and had the crowd shouting at police “we should shoot you.”

Sheriff Clarke – a Milwaukee Democrat – wasn’t about to sit there and let Lemon spew lies. So, as only Sheriff Clarke can do, he OBLITERATED Lemon and his argument.

“I’ve got three dead cops and you want me to calm down?

I think Sheriff David Clarke for a great job of putting Don Lemon on the spot. Everybody knows that Lemon is a tool of the Progressive movement.

I especially enjoyed watching Lemon squirm when Sheriff Clarke about “any reporting” on the murders of 21 black people the same weekend the police shot a man in St. Paul and one in Baton Rouge. Lemon talked right through Sheriff Clark’s question.

The bottom line is that #BlackLivesMatter – and Progressives like Don Lemon, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton – don’t give a damn about black lives. If they did they do something about the gangs in the inner-city neighborhoods of every U. S. city. Those cities – Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, to name just a few – have been run into the ground by Progressive Democrats for the last 40+ years and most of those cities have been in a stranglehold of black Democrats.

All Democrats do is call for more gun control. If they really wanted to stop “gun violence” it is not that complicated. Tack on a mandatory 30 year, no parole sentence for any crime committed with a gun. If you get convicted of armed robbery and get an eight year sentence it magically turns into a 38 year sentence. The message will get out quickly.

But that’s too simple and still leaves law-abiding citizens with their guns, and Democrats can’t tolerate that.

I hope there’s a place in the Trump administration for David Clarke. I think you’d make a fine head of the Department of Homeland Security.

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