We Don’t Have a “Gun Problem”: It’s a “Black Murder” Problem

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We’re way past time when we need to quit lying about the problem of “gun violence” in America. The Democratic Party – and specifically Barack Obama – are trying to turn the problem of urban violence into a “gun” problem for political purposes. The problem isn’t guns. The problem is Black males.

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The chart below is representative of every big city in America. This chart goes through 2011 but the numbers haven’t changed in the last five years unless they’ve gotten marginally worse.

6 Chicago 1

Please note that Chicago, like every big city in America, is controlled in lockstep by Democratic mayors and city councils with overwhelming Democratic majorities. The last time a Republican was mayor of most of the 20 largest cities in America was in the 60s or 70s.

Focusing on Chicago, black victims make up about 75% of those murdered in the city and about 75% of the people doing the murdering are black. A little less than 20% of murder victims are Hispanic and a little less than 20% of murderers are Hispanic.

The bottom line is if you don’t live in the ‘hood you’re not likely to be murdered in America.

Black males between the ages of 15 and 35 make up 6% of the U. S. population and yet they commit about 60% of murders and over half of all violent crime.

That’s an inconvenient truth for Barack Obama and his Democrats so they try to pass the responsibility off on guns.

If politicians – of both parties – really wanted to do something to stop “gun violence” there’s a simple solution and I’m confident the NRA would support.

All it takes is one law. Make having a gun during the commission of a felony a “special circumstances” crime with a 30 year automatic, no parole add on to the sentence for the crime. Bottom line, rob a convenience store, get caught, get convicted, get an eight year sentence for armed robbery, and then get another 30 tacked on for having a gun. That offender will be wearing Depends when he gets out of prison.

Most inner-city murders are gang/drug-related and both of victims and the shooters have history with the criminal justice system. If you take the bad guys off the streets while sending a message to potential bad guys still on the streets I’m pretty sure a grandmother in the inner-city would be able to walk down the street at 9 o’clock at night without an armed bodyguard.

Of course, the solution removes one of the biggest talking points of the Democratic Party and also happens to solve a problem without putting people on welfare so I’m guessing that as long as Democrats have anything to say about it Blacks and Hispanics in the inner-city will just keep murdering their neighbors so Democrats can have something to whine about.

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