Democrats in the Senate Block Funding to Fight Zika Virus:

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If you will be traveling, or have been traveling, I am sure you are aware of the Zika virus. As of Tuesday, in Florida alone, there have been 227 confirmed cases of travel-related Zika virus cases reported in the state. These cases include 40 pregnant women. Children born to mothers with the Zika virus are born with a rare neurological condition called microcephaly. Microcephaly is a rare neurological condition which causes babies to have small heads and incomplete brain development.

Speaking of incomplete brain development, Democrats just blocked Senate funding to fight the Zika virus. That’s right! I guess they would rather see babies born with abnormalities, than approve funding to stop the virus and prevent microcephaly. How crazy and immature of Democrats to block funding for a severe virus that is threatening the lives of newborns and others. Democrats can be so immature.


From The Blaze:

Senate Democrats have blocked a GOP-drafted measure to provide $1.1 billion to fight the Zika virus, accusing Republicans of packing the measure with partisan provisions and unfair spending cuts. The nearly party-line 52-48 vote Tuesday left the Senate short of the 60 votes required to advance the measure. What happens next is unclear.

Democrats oppose a provision that restricts the use of $95 million worth of federal grants to provide services such as birth control to women in Puerto Rico threatened by the virus, which can cause horrible birth defects. The restrictions, which appeared aimed at mollifying House Republicans, would block health care providers like Planned Parenthood from receiving the funds.

The bill was written last week while Democrats were having their 2-year-old tantrum and sit-in protesting against Republicans, because they (Democrats) wanted to take away our guns and ignore our 2nd Amendment rights. Thank goodness most Republicans are still standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights and our Constitution!

The Republicans were willing to fund $1.1 billion to go to research of the Zika virus, developing a vaccine and provide some funds for healthcare providers. That seems to be where the “snag” came in. Republicans did not want to give money to Planned Parenthood – you know, the butchers of babies that sell baby parts. You can’t blame the Republicans for NOT funding the butchers of babies. So, Democrats being the “soup Nazis” that they are said “No funds for YOU!”.

How infantile! The funds are desperately needed and the Democrats need to grow a pair. Afterall, we need these funds NOW. Just ask Governor Scott who’s been working hard to get funding into Florida, the state with the most Zika cases reported thus far.

Recently the first baby with mirocephaly was born in Florida. Governor Scott stated earlier that “all of us are responsible” towards stopping the Zika virus. It’s NOT about Democrats and Republicans, it’s about saving the lives of babies and preventing these abnormalities from happening.

The Zika virus includes symptoms of a mild rash, fever and joint pain. The sad part is only 1 in 5 people with the Zika virus are symptomatic. That’s a lot of people infected and walking around without knowing they are infected, and infecting others along the way.

It’s too bad that Democrats have to sit and pout and then stomp their feet when real life-threatening diseases are affecting the lives of Americans. Babies will probably die because of stupid, self-centered Democrats. Hey Democrats – Stop acting like babies so we can actually save the REAL babies. You don’t always get what YOU want!

The Senate will reconvene on July 6th. Let’s hope the Democrats and Republicans can work together to get a bill passed that will help with research for the Zika virus, develop a vaccine and reduce the mosquitoes in areas of standing water.

I’m betting in states where there are a lot of wetlands that this will be a hot issue on the campaign trail. Look for Senator Rubio to lead the charge.



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