Dead Heat and Trump Hasn’t Even Started in on Her

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The talking heads are all abuzz because so far, in pre-convention spending, Hillary has spent about $26 million defining Donald Trump and Donald has spent less than I did on my last trip to Walmart.  I bought an extra large Mounds bar.  It was about $1.50.

They’re pointing to the slaughter before the convention that Barack Obama heaped on Mitt Romney before the Republican convention in 2012 with his comments about the “47%.”  Romney never recovered from that.

There’s just a couple of problems with that meme.  Arguably, Donald Trump has a much higher name recognition than Romney did and everything nasty that could be said about him had already been said.  By the Republican Establishment.  Pretty much everybody already has an opinion of Donald.  Mitt was a relative unknown in 2012 and nobody had said bad things about him.

Which brings us to the bigger point.  Mitt was Mr. Nice Guy.  He was “Father Knows Best.”  Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.  He wouldn’t say a “bad” thing about anybody, especially Barack Obama or the mainstream press who loved Barack so much.  He wouldn’t fight his way out of a bag made of tissue paper.

That’s not Donald Trump.  He’s a hard hitting loudmouth who’s not afraid to insult, demean, and offend people he doesn’t like.  Arguably, there’s nobody he doesn’t like more than Hillary Clinton.

The media are flogging stories of Hillary being ahead in pre-convention polling by double digits.  The election is over!

Except it’s not.  Because she’s not.

Quinnipiac University is a respected pollster and they lean to the left.  They published their latest poll on the race yesterday and guess what?  Hillary is up by two.  TWO!  That’s only double digits in binary.

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The internals from the survey are interesting.  For all the bombast about Trump destroying the Republican Party with Hispanics, he’s currently polling at 31%.  That’s significantly better than either John McCain or Mitt Romney did.

Trump’s also a 14 point lead with men and a 30 point lead among the dreaded, racist, sexist, white voters.

In one revealing question, the Q Poll asked “Regardless of how you intend to vote, who do you think would do a better job creating jobs …

The tally was 40% for Clinton and 52% for Trump.  The only age group that thinks Hillary would do a better job is the 18-34 year olds.  They also tend to stay home on election day.  Trump has a 40 point lead among men and is only down by 10 with women.  He’s up by 25 among white voters and only down by 5 among Hispanics.

Black voters seem to be committed to staying on the plantation.  No surprise there.

“Jobs” happens to be the #1 concern of voters in this poll.

Hey #NeverTrump people, it’s not over.  Heck, it hasn’t even started.

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