DALLAS SLAUGHTER – Obama Makes a Statement, Blames NRA & Republicans

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Barack Obama finally got around to making a statement about the  #BlackLivesMatter slaughter of five police officers in Dallas last night.  He’s on a last ego-booster world tour being ignored by world leaders and he managed to drag himself away from a state dinner to respond to the butcher of five Dallas police officers by snipers.

“We still don’t have all the facts…”

President Obama hasn’t admitted that we have all the facts surrounding the Orlando shooting, and those were evident a month ago. How long will it take him to admit that the pro thug / anti-police rhetoric that he and his administration have been spewing for seven years are at the root of this massacre. Mister President you have the blood of five police officers directly on your hands.

“We are praying for their recovery…”

Is there a mosque in Poland? How could we have missed that call to prayer?

We stand united with the police department in Dallas…”

If true Mister President, that would be a first. The real question here is how long before the Department of Justice sends in their “racial reeducation team” and takes control over the Dallas Police Department?

We’re already seeing the “Ferguson effect” where police are reluctant to enforce the law because they know that your administration will send in “investigators” and more blame and bad press will be heaped on them. That’s why we are seeing fewer police officers on the streets in cities like Baltimore and crime skyrocketing in every major inner-city.

Mister President, you and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have blood on your hands.

“There is no justification for these kinds of attacks [pause]  … [afterthought] or any attacks against law enforcement.”

That was a nice afterthought Mister President. You should’ve thought about that when you are whining about Michael Brown or Treyvon Martin or anyone of the other black thugs who you’ve eloquently eulogized even though they were killed while they were trying to murder police officers or civilians. Your “post-racial presidency” has created the atmosphere for a slaughter like we saw last night in Dallas.

You’re concerned about your legacy Mister President, it bled out on the streets of Dallas last night.

“The FBI is involved …”

I think what you meant to say is, “Now that we’ve buried this stupid investigation of Hillary forced on us by evil Republicans, we will send some FBI agents to Dallas.”

The real question is, what will those FBI agents be doing? The Dallas Police Department will catch these butchers before the FBI has boots on the ground. Since the have free time on their hands I expect your Attorney General will direct them to investigate the Dallas Police Department. This must be their fault and there’s no time like the present to send in a “Lynch Team.”

“I will have more to say about this …”

Of that Mister President we have no doubt. You will talk this to death and you will point your bloodied finger at the NRA, that Republicans who stand in the way of your desire to confiscate every firearm in America, you appointed police procedures that “brutalize” inner-city residents. We have no doubt that you’ll throw blame in every direction but the direction it should go.

“… racial disparities in our criminal justice system…”

We knew you’d get around to it. The slaughter in Dallas is nothing more than a cry for justice from the criminal justice system that puts more inner-city Blacks prison simply because they happen to break the law six times more than whites.

“… our police have an extraordinarily difficult job…”

Yes they do Mister President. And you make it more difficult every time you open your mouth. I have no doubt that you’re going to make the job of the Dallas Police Department incredibly more difficult once your Attorney General Is done “Lynching” them.

“… we also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons…”

Nice close. It’s the NRA! We need more gun control! We need to ignore the fact that 6% of U. S. population – Black males 16-35 – are responsible for about 50% of the murders in this country and at least 30% of all violent crime. It must be the NRA, or Republicans, or George Bush. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that the policies of your party have put people in the inner-city on the government plantation and destroyed their hope.

No, it couldn’t be that.

Actually Sir, it is exactly that.

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