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Couple SingleHandedly Puts All Jokewriters Out of Business:


So this couple was just driving down the road. Well… driving down the road naked…on a driving lawnmower…that was stolen…

I’m sure that there is a perfectly logical explanation for this…. HA!

Seems the couple was skinny dipping and got their clothes stolen.

A couple is facing felony charges after they were spotted riding a stolen lawn mower in the nude at 8:30 AM on a Missouri road, records show.

The Smoking Gun reports:

According to a court filing, Tanya Hopper, 40, and Larry Webster, 55, were busted last Tuesday following the bizarre incident near the city of Joplin.

Responding to a 911 call about a naked man driving an orange lawn mower with a nude woman in his lap, Jasper County Sheriff’s Officedeputies encountered Hopper and Webster in front of a friend’s residence. The riding lawn mower was parked outside the home.

During questioning, Hopper and Webster admitted to the naked mower ride. The suspects claimed that they had been skinny dipping at nearby Turkey Creek when their clothes were stolen by a man who emerged from the adjacent woods.

Instead of walking home nude, the duo said they opted to drive away on a mower they claimed to have found in the woods.

There is just so much wrong with this situation! Now who has not one skinny dipping once or twice? I get that! I even get the difficulty of getting back home if your clothes have been stolen! But a LAWNMOWER? A stolen lawn mower? On the street?

A couple is facing felony charges after they were spotted riding a stolen lawn mower in the nude at 8:30 AM on a Missouri road, records show.

No cell phone? No other way to sneak to a safe place without going down the street on a stolen lawnmower?

I bet this couple does not go skinny dipping again. If they do, they might want to protect their clothes better. That is if this is the whole story. We have no report of drugs or alcohol, so the story possibly sits as is.

Good thing there is no video! The concept is not new, however. Family Feud asks the question:

What would you do if you saw your neighbor mowing the lawn in the nude?





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