Couple Alarmed At Restaurant, Looked Down, Noticed Something Strange On Table…

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When this liberal couple walked into the restaurant they made one terrible yet specific request. They walked briskly past the officers sitting down and took a seat far away. It wasn’t until the end of their meal that they discovered the error in their ways when their bill was set before them they stared at it in horror.

‘We made eye contact, and his body language just told me that he wanted nothing to do with police,’ Thomas told ABC News.
It was the day after five police officers were killed during a protest in Dallas. Thomas, an officer with the Homestead Police Department, tried to reach out.
‘I looked over and said, “It’s okay sir. You won’t have to worry about it, we won’t hurt you,” Thomas told WTAE.
‘He looked at me hard again and said he’s not sitting here and walked away.’


The couple got moved to a table ‘completely opposite’ from where the officers were sitting. But Thomas wanted to do something after the Dallas tragedy.
Thomas decided to split the couple’s $28.58 bill with a fellow officer, even leaving the server a $10 tip, and made sure to scribble a message on their receipt.
‘Sir, your check was paid for by the police officers that you didn’t want to sit next to,’ it read. ‘Thanks for your support.’

Thomas said the ‘goal’ was to make sure the couple knew the police officers were there to protect them.
‘We’re not here to hurt you, we’re here for you,’ he said. ‘We work for the public. And we just want to better the relationship between the community and the police.’

Usually, it doesn’t pay to be mean, in this case, it did, but at the cost of this couple’s conscience. You can’t believe everything you see in the media, especially, not the liberal media because the majority of that is garbage. The officers said that it was the only negative experience they’d had all day. The server told Thomas that the coupled was “thrown back” by his generosity. Police are good people, Thomas stated that he wants to change the “us-against-them mentality”.

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