Coup in Turkey Going Well – Read About the Side Obama and Hillary are on [Video]

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Unfortunately, what happened in Turkey is like a glimpse of our future in America if Obama and Hillary are in charge. It’s all about socialist control – from declaring a “state of emergency” to controlling the press, to controlling education, healthcare and jobs. It’s all part of the plan…their glorious plan of the destruction of America as we know it.

Turkish troops imprisoned after the failed military coup are being raped, starved and left without water for days, it is claimed.

Many of the 10,000 detainees are locked up in horses’ stables and sports halls – some hogtied in horrific stress positions, according to human rights campaigners.


Amnesty International has called for immediate access to prisoners after the coup a week ago which sparked a brutal crackdown and a three-month state of emergency.

More than 200 died in the uprising which aimed to topple dictatorial President Recep Erdogan – and 1,500 were injured.

Amnesty says it has ‘credible evidence’ Turkish police are holding detainees in stress positions for up to 48 hours, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture, including rape.

John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Europe director, said: “Reports of abuse including beatings and rape in detention are extremely alarming, especially given the scale of detentions that we have seen in the past week.


“Despite chilling images and videos of torture that have been widely broadcast across the country, the government has remained conspicuously silent on the abuse. “

Amnesty spoke to lawyers, doctors and a person on duty in a detention facility about the conditions in which detainees were being held.

They heard alarming accounts of torture and other ill-treatment of detainees, particularly at the Ankara Police Headquarters sports hall, Ankara Başkent sports hall and the riding club stables there.

Two lawyers in Ankara working on behalf of detainees told Amnesty International that detainees said they witnessed senior military officers in detention being raped with a truncheon or finger by police officers.


A person on duty at the Ankara Police Headquarters sports hall saw a detainee with severe wounds consistent with having been beaten, including a large swelling on his head.

The detainee could not stand up or focus his eyes and he eventually lost consciousness.

While in some cases detainees were afforded limited medical assistance, police refused to allow this detainee essential medical treatment despite his severe injuries.

The interviewee heard one police doctor on duty say: “Let him die. We will say he came to us dead.”

After hearing about all the abuse of power and abuse of civil rights of individuals in Turky, you would think Obama would have spoken out against Erdogan. The only thing he spoke out about was the fact that the US was not behind the coup even though the Turkish, Islamic theologian Fethullah Gulen resides here. 

Here’s what Obama had to say when Erdogan accused the US of supporting the coup:

“I told President Erdogan that they should present us with evidence that they think indicates the involvement of Mr. Gulen,” Mr. Obama said, “and it would be processed the way it is always processed, and that we would certainly take any allegations like this seriously.”

Under current law, the Justice Department assesses extradition requests and decides whether to forward them to a federal judge, who ultimately determines whether the person will be turned over. While he condemned the attempt to oust Turkey’s democratically elected government, Mr. Obama said he could not short-circuit that legal process.

WOW! Did we hear that correctly? That’s right Mr. Obama himself said he could NOT “short-circuit the legal process”. Isn’t that wild? I guess he only does that when he has to pass a national healthcare plan that destroys the American economy or appoint czars to rule over state departments. 

Obama said America would do everything we could to protect Democracy in Turkey. I wonder if that includes Erdogan cracking down on the press, shutting down over 1000 private schools and charities, 15 universities, 35 medical institutions, 19 trade unions, and suspending over 50,000 state employees. 

You have to understand that the Fethullah Gulen and the “Gulen movement” operate and finance several private schools and universities across the world, including here in America, along with media, finance and health clinics. So for Erdogan to shut down these private schools, universities, and these other businesses is like him clamping down on Gulen and the “Gulen movement”.

But Erdogan has taken few steps far beyond just clamping down on the “Gulen movement” and Gulen’s investments. He has enstated a 3 month state of emergency and violated the civil rights of the citizens of Turkey. Erdogan is beating, raping and torturing citizens in Turkey and denying these same citizens the essentials they need to survive – food, water and in some cases, medical supplies.

Here’s more on the “State of Emergency”:  

The state of emergency gives Erdogan and his cabinet new powers to implement laws without parliamentary approval. It also allows Ankara to censor media broadcasts, search citizens, impose curfews and restrict gatherings both public and private.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said the crackdown shows Erdogan is taking advantage of the failed coup to further strengthen his grip on power. The strongman has been steadily stripping the long proudly secular nation of its constitutional freedoms and increasingly adopted Islamist rhetoric.

“This will enable him to pursue his objective of Islamisizing the Turkish government and overturning the secular constitution. That’s what’s underway. I don’t think there’s much question about it.”

Meanwhile, back home Obama stays quiet about all of Erdogan’s violations to the Democratic process and constitution. He also continues to sympathize with Radical Islamic Terrorists. I think It would be his dream to impose curfews on Americans and implement a nationalized federal police force. Like Erdogan, Obama has been stripping our nation of it’s constitutional freedoms and has been adopting Islamic rhetoric. A “State of Emergency”  in America isn’t that farfetched, especially in November around elections. The Democrats and Hillary would love it!

You really have to love what Obama said in a news conference to Erdogan: 

“America’s governed by the rule of law, and those are not ones that the president of the United States or anybody else can just set aside for the sake of expediency.”

Really, Mr. President. It sounds to me like those should be words to live by. Maybe you need a refresher of just some of the times that you or Hillary broke the law while in office: 

  1. Illegally armed ISIS militants and Mexican drug cartels.
  2. Attempting to shut down gun stores by not allowing banks to finance their businesses
  3. Spending tax dollars to resettle immigrants in the United States in sanctuary cities
  4. Using executive actions to restrict the 2nd Amendment
  5. Targeting conservative groups with the IRS
  6. Secretly obtaining phone records of AP journalists
  7. Carrying out military interventionism in Libya without Congress approval
  8. Ordering Boeing to shut down and fire 1000 employees because they were non-union
  9. Firing an Inspector General who found out your friend had embezzled government funds
  10. Lied about Obamacare – costs and “you can keep your doctor”
  11. Using SWAT agents to invade and raid a guitar factory – it was owned by a Republican
  12. Appointing dozens of Czars – not approved by the Senate
  13. Tried to silence critics of the auto-bailout
  14. Made recess appointments when Congress was NOT in recess
  15. Gave 20 F-16 jets to a Sharia dictatorship
  16. Proposed military interventionism in Syria
  17. Gave about 24,000 tax returns totally about $47 million to illegal aliens at the same address
  18. Illegally gave foreign aid to Egypt after the coup
  19. Gave tax dollars to campaign contributors and lobbyists – falsely claiming it was for “green energy”
  20. Lied about Benghazi attack.

These are just a handful of times that Obama or Hillary broke the law; there’s much more where that came from. I think you get the picture. 

As Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence stated:

“To think that ISIS grew up, that [it] was conjured up in the vacuum that was created when this administration under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had precipitously withdrew from Iraq before we should have done,”

“And the reality is that what’s unfurling in Turkey today is likely one more installment of the anarchy that has taken over countries across the broader Middle East.”

America can NOT afford four more years of another socialist as our leader. If that happens, you can be sure America won’t be a free nation much longer. America needs a strong leader, a strong military, and a return to our constitution and laws. That’s NOT going to happen if “Crooked Hillary” is elected as our next president. It’s time to “Make America Great Again”! 







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