Country Band Bans Police from Concert: Then Needs a Police Escort out of Town…

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It seems the Florida Georgia Line’s not so “H.O.L.Y.” (High on Loving You) when in comes to law enforcement these days. On their recent “Dig Your Roots” tour, they not only DISSED one sheriff’s department, but TWO. Looks like they’re following in the footsteps of the short-lived country group, Dixie Chicks. Careful boys!

If you’re not familiar with the Florida Georgia Line, it’s a country duo made up of two singers who met in college in Nashville – Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. Brian’s from Ormond, Florida. Tyler’s from Monroe, Georgia. Hence, the name – Florida Geogia Line. Their music careers both separately began singing Christian music in churches. Many describe their music today as a cross between “hip hop” and country” also referred to “bro-country”. They’ve only been around since 2010 and are set to soon release their third album “Dig Your Roots” at the end of August, which is the main reason they’re touring across the country.


Here’s the story:

The country band Florida Georgia Line banned police officers from coming backstage at their Iowa concert. Jones County Sherriff, Greg Garver and Kenosha County Sheriff, David Beth, BOTH had similar experiences. They wanted to discuss security issues with the band and the crew backstage informed them that they were not allowed back stage. In fact, the police were told that if any of them came backstage, they would cancel their concert.

Then they had the nerve to request a police escort on the way out of town. The Sheriff told them to get stuffed. They asked several other law enforcement agencies as well and all of them told them they were on their own. Good for them. That’s exactly what should have happened here.

I can’t believe a couple of young guys starting their careers could be SO stupid. Did they really think that this news would NOT get out? Did they really think they could diss not just ONE sheriff’s department but TWO? That’s right! They weren’t just stupid ONCE in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the Country Thunder concert, but then they turned around and did it again at another concert in Monticello, Iowa at the Great Jones County Fair.

Really guys? You’re touring the country and you DISS our law enforcement? What drugs are you on? How retarded! Police officers across the nation are there to help YOU with YOUR OWN SECURITY and SAFETY! Are you aware of what imbeciles you are? I bet your fans are becoming aware of it. What really gets me is, THEN you have the NERVE to ask for MORE THAN ONCE, for security to protect YOU on their way OUT of town! Seriously?

I think the men in BLUE across the nation should be playing your song….”THIS IS HOW WE ROLL!” the next time you DISS them. Or maybe they should just let you go the way of the Dixie Chicks…down the charts…way down the charts. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t have collaborated with fellow country artist Tim McGraw who has his own negative history supporting “gun control” at concerts. If you ask me, you can keep your “bro-country” and I’ll stick to listening to Toby Keith or Lee Greenwood. God Bless The USA!


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