Cop Trading Sex for Favors Says He’s Just Like Hillary!

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FBI Director Comey said that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” with “highly classified and very sensitive” information. We knew it was only a matter of time, before others would be using Hillary’s testimony and lawsuit as an example in their own defense of stupidity. Here we go…it’s called the “Hillary defense”.

A lawyer for one of the NYPD cops accused of doing favors for bribes — including mile-high sex with this hooker on a free trip to Las Vegas — said his client’s behavior was no worse than Hillary Clinton’s.


“It’s similar to what the FBI said about Hillary Clinton, and why she wasn’t charged,” said John Meringolo, a lawyer for James Grant, who pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court Wednesday.

“She was unaware she was committing a crime. Here, there is no crime whatsoever.”

Meringolo described his client’s alleged actions — swapping police favors for expensive gifts like the wild trip with prostitute Gabi Grecko — as mere violations of police conduct.

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“There’s been similar conduct with private jets in the past,” he said, pointing to former Commissioner Ray Kelly, who he said “took a private jet” and then paid for it after the fact in order to hush criticisms.

Prosecutors said Grant accepted the private jet trip to Las Vegas in 2013 for Super Bowl weekend, which cost $57,000 for the plane alone.

During the trip, Grant allegedly had sex with ex-hooker Grecko, who donned a skimpy flight attendant outfit for the plane ride.


She told the New York Post: ‘I was supposed to be a sexy stewardess. I’d ask: “Tea or coffee?” They all wanted me, I guess, and not the tea or coffee.

‘I didn’t think it would be as extreme as it was, but then because I obviously couldn’t get off the plane, I had to do what they were telling me.

‘More than one would try to get my attention at once. They were really creepy and very rude and offensive.’

Looks like Gabi Grecko also known as “Candi” was hired to accompany Deputy Inspector James grant, his friend, two businessmen, and two other people and was paid a handsome amount of $10,000 for the Vegas trip.

First, they don’t call it “Sin City” for nothing. Second, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Finally, if you want to cop the “Hillary Defense” well…good luck with that. I think you’ll find that “Hillary’s defense” or lying…only works when you have power and a boatload of money called the Clinton Foundation behind you. For the rest of us, “the little people”…just because we are “extremely careless” or lie…however you want to call it…it’s still a lie and it’s NOT going to hold up in court. But hey…a lot of stupid people are going to use it now, thanks to Hillary aren’t they?

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