Cop Overhears What Woman Whispers, Acts Fast When She Races Toward Him!

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Just a few short days after Alton Sterling was shot by cops another police officer in the same city was on duty and heard something he couldn’t believe a black woman was saying. It was, after all, just the beginning of the Black Lives Matter unrest, people were in an uproar as it was, but this? WOW. He couldn’t hide his anxiety when she rushed toward him he did the only thing he knew how to do.


Kim Muyaka was rolling through town when she saw a white police officer sitting by himself, not even looking at her. As soon as she saw her opportunity in that rather vacant parking lot, she said that she just felt it and immediately acted, admitting that she could sense the nervousness of the unnamed officer.

Each member of law enforcement is on high alert since they all have targets on their backs, mainly the Caucasian cops, as a result of the racist Black Like Matters rhetoric, causing riots in cities across the country. Sitting in the epicenter of where the anti-cop hate resurfaced, this officer didn’t know what to think when this woman surprised him out of the blue and asked him for a favor.
Kim felt that God was guiding her path that day right to this officer, who needed to know he wasn’t alone by praying for protection over him. The Lord moved her to hit the brakes and go to him, asking if he would hold her hands as she asked God to cover this man.

“When God say move! God is not the Author of confusion. All I felt when I touch and agreed with him is fear he was shaking but y’all…” Kim wrote in a social media post with a photo that her passenger captured of the heartwarming moment they shared. “Violence is not the answer…Bible say pray w/o Ceasing. I pray that God will cover this Police Officer and use his hands not to hurt or harm but to protect the citizens!” the faithful woman exclaimed in her post.

Just like every cop isn’t a trigger-happy black hating moron, not every African-American sides with the radical Black Lives Matter Movement. Some people are actually good people, and skin color, like most everyone already realize, DOES NOT MATTER. Seriously, why would it? That is just the stupidest thing to hate someone over, only a moron would be racist. Protestors claim they want racism to end, but what they really want is payback, they want white people to be the ones who feel the pain of racism…. racism, what BLM protestors claim to oppose is exactly what they are perpetuating.

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