Cop Makes STUNNING Claim About Violent Trump Protesters: [VIDEO]

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Did you ever wonder where all of those protesters at Donald Trump rallies come from? Well here’s a hint, they’re not locals who just appear because they’re opposed to Donald Trump. They’re part of the Democratic Party crime family.

If you doubt that, just listen to this.

“Oh this is interesting, where actually about to walk past the anti-Trump protesters. Were going to push the protesters to that side of the street, away from y’all, so they can get to their bosses quietly and not cause any problems.”

“Why do they have buses?”

“Yeah they get busted once they’re all secured on the buses – out of the picture – will open up so you all can go to your cars.”

So when you see it Trump rally where there’s an unwashed rabble screaming obscenities and trying to start a riot please understand that they belong to the “professional protester class” that the Democratic Party delivers two events for the sake of publicity.

The major media knows this and because they are nothing more than Democratic operatives with bylines they refuse to talk about it.

But never fear well make sure you know the truth

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