Comey: Hillary Lied Under Oath To Congress! New Charges on their Way!


Hillary may have skated past charges form the recent FBI investigation, but she won’t against a new charge of lying to congress. Perjury!

Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy both went down the same line.

Comey pointed out this week what Hillary said and did and it was the opposite of what she testified to congress. Simple!

Hillary may have skated past charges form the recent FBI investigation, but she won't against a new charge of lying to congress. Perjury!

Chaffetz and Gowdy also opened another can of worms for Comey. Why did they not take the obvious lying to congress into the FBI’s decision.


It amazes me that Nixon resigned and faced impeachment for deleting 10 minutes of audio tape and Hillary is looking to skate for deletion of tens of thousands of emails. The FBI has not only “not” done their job, but set up an incredible legal precedence for generations to come.

I do believe tho that Comey, by laying out her severe wrongdoings, before he let her skate an indictment…

…inadvertently gave congress a Royal Flush to take her to the mat!

It went down like this:

Committee chairman Chaffetz questioned Comey, asking if the FBI investigated Clinton for possibly lying to Congress about her emails in past testimony.

“Did Hillary Clinton lie under oath?” Chaffetz asked.

Comey answered that he had “no basis to conclude” that she lied to the FBI in her testimony.

Chaffetz noted that Rep. Jim Jordan had asked Clinton, under oath, about classified material in her emails and she maintained that “there was nothing marked classified in my emails either sent or received.”

Comey said there were 110 classified emails at the time they were sent on Hillary Clinton’s server.

Chaffetz then pressed Comey on whether the FBI investigated Clinton’s statements under oath on her emails.

Comey said there was no “referral” to investigate her statements to Congress.

“Do you need a referral from Congress?” Chaffetz asked.

“Sure do,” said Comey.

“You’ll have one,” Chaffetz answered with a smile. “You’ll have one in the next few hours.”


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