CHILLING: Dad’s Last Words To Cops Were A Cover-Up For Something Horrendous!

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His limp and seemingly lifeless body was a heaping bloody mess on his porch when he was spotted by the neighbors. As police arrived at the crime scene they knew something was up. The victim’s story didn’t match up with what had actually happened. Eddie claimed that he had been doing yard work when three men approached him and demanded money, obviously things went south quickly, or so he said. When the true story was revealed it was a major shock to the community. Eddie Casmer Townsend was later pronounced dead because of the injuries he’d acquired. But it makes you wonder why he went through the trouble of all the elaborate lies…


When Townsend said he didn’t have any he was stabbed three times in the abdomen with a knife that had about a three-inch blade. But police say detectives later learned that Townsend was stabbed during a domestic altercation with his wife who had called their daughters for help. Townsend was wielding a knife during the argument, but then things quickly got out of control. He collapsed on his front porch, where neighbors came to his aid. He said his wife wasn’t home at the time.


Birmingham police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards, confirmed that one of the daughters stabbed Townsend and he made up the story to police to protect her.
‘The detectives did an outstanding job in this case,’ Edwards said. ‘Their attention to detail proved to be extremely valuable. ‘Unfortunately, bad information can cause unnecessary concern in our communities.’Our citizens thought the victim was killed by strangers, but it was actually family related.’


‘This is one of the most bizarre homicide cases I’ve ever seen,” said Birmingham police Chief A.C. Roper. ‘There are so many issues and factors which affected the family and the community. I clearly remember the concern as our initial thought was cold blooded killers were on the loose after taking this man’s life. ‘The stabbing aspect seemed strange but we had no reason to doubt the victim at that time.

‘Our detectives did an outstanding job chasing leads and interviewing family members and other potential sources of information. Their commitment and diligence paid off and the truth has finally come out.’

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office decided not to file charges against the daughter and the stabbing has been ruled justifiable. Apparently, there had been a history of domestic violence in the home. Sounds like this family needed some serious mental help.

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