Can You Spot What Happened Behind The Trees In Broad Daylight?

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The birds do it. The bees do it. Teens do it. Mating for animals is done in public, because they are, let’s face it, animals. But have you ever said to any of your friends “Get a Room!”?

It looks like someone should have said it to this couple.  But you’d expect it to be out of their system, not by the look of this couple!

Am I wrong to assume that when people get older they stop acting like horny bunny rabbits in public at least?
Guess I’m wrong…a couple in Modesto CA were arrested for having sex at a busy public intersection! Police just happened to be driving by and spotted them, they had to circle back around to stop the public display of affection from continuing.



When I saw that this happened in Modesto CA I wasn’t so shocked…figures something like this would happen in that crummy town. My thought… get a hotel room and have some class.

The woman was charged with suspicion of lewd acts and public drunkenness, and the man was booked with lewd acts and violating his probation. This isn’t the first time he has had a run-in with the law either. Back in 2011, he was arrested because he was the main suspect in a bar shooting.

There is no combination of words I can write that would even begin to explain how gross this entire ordeal is. Life is made up of little decisions, this is one decision that certainly isn’t helping their future.

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