Can You Find an American Flag at the DNC Convention? Look:

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You might see something at the DNC Convention today, that you didn’t see on Day 1…the American flag! That’s right! On the first day of the DNC Convention there was NO American flag in sight! NOT ONE even on the stage!  If that doesn’t tell you a lot about the Democratic Party, I don’t know what does!

In fact, the stage was bland and grey, with no red, white or blue present. It looked like THIS:

ggg-620x408For a national convention it’s pretty unpatriotic if you ask me, don’t you think?

In comparison the Republican National Convention in Cleveland looked like THIS:

the don with flags

Pretty BIG difference if you ask me, right? It says a lot about each party.

Democrats – bland and unpatriotic. Republicans – bright, energetic and very patriotic.

There was no sign of “Old Glory” at the Democratic National Convention, but don’t fret, Democrats were waving flags.

Which ones you ask? THIS one:


That’s right! The crowd outside the Wells Fargo Convention Center showed Democrats waving SOVIET flags!

Oh wait! What about INSIDE the Democratic Convention?

Democrats were waving THIS one:


That’s right. Inside the Democratic National Convention no one was waving an American flag, but Democrats were waving Palestinian flags!

Again, NO sign of “OLD GLORY”, only Soviet and Palestinian flags were in sight at the Democratic Convention.

That says a lot about the “new” direction the Democratic Party has taken – marching “to the left, to the left, and to the very far left”.

How sick is that? Well, it makes my stomach turn to think of all of those Americans who gave their lives and fought to defend our freedom, America and “Old Glory”. All those soldiers must be turning over in their graves right about now.

The Democratic Convention had TWO visible flags – Soviet and Palestinian, but NO visible “Old Glory”. What does that say about the Democratic Party?

The Soviet flag is a symbol of Communist regime. The Palestinian flag is symbol of barbaric Arab nationalism.

Is that REALLY what most Americans stand for today?


When the majority of Americans vote in November are they voting for “Crooked Hillary” – bland and unpatriotic? Or Donald Trump – energetic and very patriotic?

Sorry Democrats – you can keep your Communist and Palestinian flags.  I will always stand with “Old Glory”.


May we always remember….all gave some…some gave all! I fly it HIGH and PROUD!

I will end on this note…








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