BREAKING! Woman Put’s Life On The Line, Exposes Truth About Sterling, Castile, & Obama

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After the Dallas cop massacre, the racist Black Lives Matter cult members have wasted no time in continuing their parade. They outrageously yell for the slaughter of white police officers and claim they need justice. Then, out of the blue, comes this courageous woman, ready to stick her neck out there and face persecution from friends, family, and neighbors. Va’Shona Dixon is living proof that not all blacks are on board with the promotion of police violence.

What she just let slip about Obama and race-baiting agitators was a truth bomb big enough to make liberals notice her and want her head for the video message she just made. It’s gone viral.


“I’m fixing to speak my mind,” she begins. “There’s a lot of people fixing to delete and block me and call me an Uncle Tom. I’m black and I’m proud, but I’m not walking around with a chip on my shoulder, acting like the world owes me something.”

She then talked about the reverse racism plaguing our country, calling out the black people who voted for Obama only because of his skin color, and she correctly labeled them as what the are — racists.
“Many black people voted for Obama simply because he was black,” she said. “And now your black god has failed you but you make all these excuses to cover for him because he is black. You are racists! And you want to sit up here and call Donald Trump a racist…no you’re racist! We need new black leaders like Martin Luther King.”

In her rant, Dixon also destroyed Jessie Jackson, labeling him as a race hustler who pushes his agenda before the facts come out whenever there is a shooting.

“Already he’s making this thing a race case,” she said. “Nobody knows all the facts, nothing. They’re doing more harm than they [are] good.”

I would be willing to bet anything that this woman has been outcasted as a black sheep in her area sense she is not following the status quo in her community. This isn’t a matter of black VS. white, it’s a problem with liberals and republicans, liberals just want to hide their ideals under the blanket of racism. This girl will probably need to watch her back for going against the grain, she is now viewed as an “Uncle Tom”…a traitor.

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