BREAKING: White Cops Shoot “Unarmed” Black Man in Louisiana. [VIDEO]

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This story is still developing, but we have video of a confrontation between two white cops and a black man identified as Alton Sterling.  The altercation and shooting took place in Baton Rouge.

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The 48-second video appears to be cell phone footage recorded by a witness inside a nearby car.

A single pop is heard. one of the officers is heard, “Get on the ground.”  There is another pop follows.

The camera then pans up to two officers confronting a man in a red shirt. The man is Sterling, according to his family’s attorney.

An officer pulls Sterling over the hood of a silver car and pins him to the ground. Once he’s down, the officer begins to assist a second officer in restraining him.

Seconds later, someone shouts, “He’s got a gun.”

An officer can be seen drawing what appears to be his gun from his waist and pointing it at Sterling, who is on the ground.  There is more yelling follows, and then there are two more bangs.

In addition to the cell phone video, the owner of the convenient store at the scene said their security video probably caught the action.  The officers had body cameras but they were dislodged in initial scuffle and may not yield usable footage.

The police chief is calling for calm and the family has retained an attorney.  Sterling is described by the family as a “laid back, well respected man in the community” who sold DVDs outside the convenient store.

That remains to be seen.

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