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BREAKING: War on Cops – Kansas City Police Captain Murdered


President Barack Obama sent an open letter to cops around the nation yesterday letting them know “I’ve got your backs.” What he did mention is that the hand he is patting their back with has a knife in it. The president’s inflammatory rhetoric and rush to judgment on every police shooting of a black thug has created a war on cops on America’s streets.

The latest casualty is Captain Robert Melton of the Kansas City, KS Police Department.

5 Kansas City 1.

A 46 year old veteran of Afghanistan, he been with the Kansas City Police Department for 17 years.

Captain Melton had responded with other police officers to reports of people shooting from a car. When he arrived at the scene a number of people were running from a vehicle and Melton was able to stop one of the suspects when shots were fired and he was killed. Two suspects have been detained and police are still looking for two more.

Melton had been part of the honor guard at the funeral of Kansas City Detective Brad Lancaster who was shot and killed in May.

Blue Lives Matter!

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