BREAKING – Trump Set Cruz up to Be Booed off the Stage

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It looks like Donald Trump is a lot smarter than people have been giving him credit for, and it also looks like Ted Cruz may not be quite as smart as people think is.

Cruz supporters are trying to shout from the rooftops that Donald Trump sandbagged Ted over his convention speech last night. They say that Trump approved his speech and then set up the crowd to boo him off the stage.

“We made this arrangement weeks ago regarding the speech. We said we wouldn’t cause trouble with the delegates, that Senator Cruz would give a speech, that Senator Cruz would not endorse. They agreed to that. That was always the deal. They saw the speech before hand and knew what Senator Cruz would be saying. They offered no pushback on the speech whatsoever.”

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I was a Cruz backer in the primary, but after Ted’s performance once it became obvious that he had no chance to win, I’m done with him. He’s been a big disappointment to me, but then again he’s a politician and that’s pretty standard.

At this point it looks like Ted Cruz’ political career is probably over. He may manage to win reelection in Texas 2018 but I’m pretty sure his quest for higher office is over.

With any luck, maybe President Trump will nominate him to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

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