Breaking: Shooting In Berlin Hospital!

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You never know when your last day will come. Unfortunately, for this doctor, that day was today. A patient flipped out on him and with no motive and shot the doctor that worked in the jaw and face surgery unit. The shooter was 72 and may have been frazzled during a consultation on the fourth floor of the hospital. Before the 55-year-old father of two had any time to react he had passed away from injuries to the brain.



The circumstances of the shooting are still being investigated.
Police said there was no indication of a ‘terrorist background’ to the attack.

‘We have no evidence of other injured people or more perpetrators,’ Berlin police added.
Witnesses reportedly heard several shots and the building was evacuated.


They say the incident is now “under control”, but you have to doubt what they say when it seems people are being senselessly murdered on a daily basis due to a lack of security, or because cops can’t fully do their jobs thanks to the protestors.

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