BREAKING: Secret Source Who Knew Castile Drops BOMBSHELL Claim!

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Recently a very biased yet reliable source has stepped forward and released damning evidence in the Philando Castile case. Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds the girl who filmed the death of Castile gives us reason to suspect she might not be the most trustworthy person. The shocking interview below lets the secrets slip that the liberal media have been desperately trying to cover up…

After Castile was shot July 6 in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, Reynolds stuck to her story that Castile wasn’t reaching for his gun and that it was inappropriate to shoot anyway with a child in the back seat. She also said he had only been pulled over for a broken taillight.

In the video, Reynolds said that the officer had just “asked him for license and registration. He told him that it was in his wallet, but he had a pistol on him because he’s licensed to carry … The officer said, ‘Don’t move.’ As he was putting his hands back up, the officer shot him in the arm four or five times.”

Many were wondering why Reynolds was so calm as to know how to live stream in the immediate aftermath of a shooting.

Her mother, Dafina Doty, seemed to offer her own theory, and it’s not terribly complimentary of Reynolds: “Diamond is a narcissistic Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat junkie.”

Video below (relevant portion begins at 6:00):

In addition, Reynolds’ attention-seeking behavior in the wake of the shooting — including a much-publicized appearance on “The View” — have seemed somewhat bizarre. While that isn’t necessarily proof that Reynolds was either lying or distorting key details, at least on its own, several videos she made public on social media have also cast doubt upon her character.


We’ve already featured two of the videos, in which Reynolds and Castile can be seen smoking marijuana in the car with their 4-year-old daughter present.

In another of the videos, Reynolds can be seen drinking in the car, supposedly in “traffic.” The post came just days after she announced on social media that she was pregnant with a boy.

And then there was the kicker — the fact that the two weren’t pulled over for a broken taillight, but instead because Castile matched the description of an armed robbery subject.


This is the suspect in the first two shots, along with a third picture known to be Philando Castile. Not only was there significant similarity, but also it would have given him a motive to reach for his gun.

Even before Philando Castile, police officers had to seriously watch themselves, this BLM movement has been going on for a while. So you’re telling me that an officer would be stupid enough to shoot a black man in front of witnesses with the camera rolling for no reason at all other than a blind hatred for skin color? I don’t think so. Castile’s girlfriend has a bad rap, she’s previously used drugs behind the wheel and also has no problem causing her baby brain damage by drinking while pregnant. Her own mother called her a narcissist! If this doesn’t throw out any evidence given by her I don’t know what will. All of the racist people out there just want someone to hate. Unfortunately, cops landed in the hot seat, they were an easy target, especially since Obama has a problem with military and policemen.

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