BREAKING: Obama’s War on Cops Spreads – Two San Diego Cops Ambushed at Traffic Stop! [VIDEO]

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Last night two San Diego police officers were ambushed at a routine traffic stop, one is dead, the other is in surgery in critical condition.  They are the casualties in Barack Obama’s War on Cops.  One of the shooters is in custody and police are searching for more.

San Diego police said Police Chief Shirley Zimmerman visited the hospital and that the injured officer was out of surgery. “He is expected to survive!”

San Diego Cops

The shooter hasn’t been identified as yet but it’s important to note, on the heels of Democrats celebrating “Mothers of Thugs” at their convention this week …

Mothers of Thugs Celebrated at the Democratic Conventiion

… having the mothers of thugs like Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown on their stage to wild applause that black males 15-35 make up less than 6% of U.S. population but account for:

  1. Nearly 60% of ALL murders;
  2. 94% of murders of blacks – Hispanics account for another 5%;
  3. According to the FBI, from 2004-2013, 45% of police officers were killed blacks.

#BlackLivesMatter, but frankly, not as much as Blue Lives.  Without blue lives the “black community” would be a bigger shooting gallery than it already is.

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