BREAKING – Dallas PD Has Shooters in Custody [VIDEO]

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The Dallas Police Department has three people in custody and one dead related to the premeditated slaughter of five Dallas police officers at a #BlackLivesMatter rally last night.

Here’s what the scene looks like last night when the shooting started. Dallas police officers were doing their best protesters safely away from the scene.

Dallas police aren’t identifying who they have in custody, other than two men and one woman.

In addition to five dead, seven other officers and two protesters were wounded by the shooters. The Dallas police did an excellent job of controlling very volatile situation while being under fire from rooftops.

There are no reports of police brutality related to the search for the shooters. At least one suspect, who was carrying a rifle and was part of the protest, was briefly detained before he was released. The police dealt with them very calm and their response was measured. The man with the rifle also remained calm, did as he was ordered by police, and walked away safe and sound in a matter of minutes.

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