BREAKING: Congressional Black Caucus Member Indicted for Charity Fraud [VIDEO]

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Corrine Brown, a Florida Democrat and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, has been indicted on 24 counts of charity fraud and other charges.

Brown was involved with the One Door for Education Foundation Inc.  They claimed to take donation to send poor students to college.  You’ll be shocked to learn that the Foundation was nothing more than a slush fund for Ms. Brown and her friends.

They took in over $800,000 and awarded ONE $1,000 scholarship.

Also indicted were the head of the charity, Carla Wiley, and Brown’s chiefe of staff since 1993, Elias Simmons.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney said Brown used the Foundation as her “personal slush fund.”  Brown reportedly used about $200,000 of the fund for “special events” for her congressional staff.  Those events included celebrating the awarding of scholarships to deserving black youth, giving them an opportunity to use education to turn their lives around and not be just another statistic in the black community.

Oh wait!  No they didn’t.  That wasn’t anywhere on the list.

The list included, golf outings, concerts, NFL games, and other events.  Many of the outings were held under the auspices of the congresswoman’s office.

Brown has a history of playing fast and loose with the law.  In 1998 she was smacked by the Federal Election Commission for forging the signature of the campaign’s treasurer on reports.  She was accused of paying thousands of dollars to her daughter and making sure her son-in-law got federal contracts.

If she can push the trial off until after the election you can bet your last nickel that she’ll be reelected in November.

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