BREAKING: Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz DUMPED at the DNC! [video]

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It turns out the Wikileaks of the DNC emails DO matter to voters – especially those in Florida, the homestate of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. After being booed and jeered by her homestate Democratic delegates at a breakfast on Monday morning, Wasserman Schultz was DUMPED prior to the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia today. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was DUMPED and stripped of her ceremonial duty of gaveling in the Democratic National Convention.

The Democratic National Convention opened Monday afternoon in Philadelphia without Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

In a brief phone conversation with the Sun Sentinel earlier, she said she wouldn’t gavel her party’s national convention to order.


“I have decided that in the interest of making sure that we can start the Democratic convention on a high note that I am not going to gavel in the convention,” Wasserman Schultz said.

“I stepped down the other day because I wanted to make sure that having brought us to this momentous day and to Philadelphia and planned the convention that is going to be the best one that we’ve ever had in our party’s history that this needs to be all about making sure that everyone knows that Hillary Clinton would make the best president,” she said.

She said she asked Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, to take her place opening the proceedings.

Wasserman Schultz appearance came one day after she announced that she would step down after the convention as the DNC Chair because of leaked emails which indicate she may have used her position to assist her preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton. The 20,000 or so emails include officials ridiculing Bernie Sanders’ supporters and even questioning his commitment to his Jewish faith.

Earlier Monday, mayhem exploded against Wasserman Schultz when she made her first public appearance after being forced out as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Angry Democrats heckled her with boos and cries of “Shame!” as the party tried to move past embarrassing leaked emails that suggested DNC staff favored Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the presidential primaries.

Wasserman Schultz might have expected a warm embrace at the breakfast of the Florida delegation to the Democratic National Convention. Instead, she found herself hardly able to speak over the boos.

Here’s the video of DWS getting booed:

Let’s be respectful??? Really???

As you can see Florida Democratic Chairman Allison Tant had to intervene at the event, but the boos got louder.

Debbie tried like most DemocRATS to strike a chord with the empathizers and mentioned the latest shooting in Ft. Myers that occurred, but the crowd wasn’t having it. The delegates continued to boo her even more. As a true Democrat she even spoke of taking away guns, because afterall, we can’t blame the bad guys, can we?

She tries to say there’s “a little bit of interest in her being there…a little bit of interest from the press…and so on”. Of course there’s interest from the press, you are a snake and a liar and undermined the Bernie Sanders campaign on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Debbie goes on to say, how she met with Hillary Clinton and President Obama, but funny thing, the Bernie supporters just continued to get louder and louder.

Wasserman Schultz said she would serve as a “surrogate” to Clinton’s campaign, but I really think she meant she would serve as the BS provider.

Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz went on to say that the Democrats need to move forward and in a “unified” way as she shouts to the audience “that’s NOT the Florida that we know…”

She talks about insurance companies that can’t drop us…REALLY? What rock is SHE living under? I have been dropped THREE times and I am a pretty healthy person. Why didn’t she just repeat the lines her dictators have told us…”you can keep your doctor. you can keep your healthcare”? Maybe because she already knows THAT’S not the truth now is it?

Donald Trump reacted to the contentious breakfast Monday morning with a tweet that said, “The state of Florida is so embarrassed by the antics of crooked Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz that they will vote for change!”

DWS did everything she could to undermine the Sanders campaign on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Debbie did a fine job at it, didn’t she? I mean Hillary DID win the Democratic primary thanks to all the DNC undermining that worked for Clinton. Debbie DID resign as the DNC chair, but she will continue to work for the Clinton campaign. Who are we kidding?  She’s going to serve as an “honorary chair”. That’s right. Democrats and Hillary supporters like DWS get rewarded when they do dirty deeds to support Clinton and DNC.

Well, nice knowing you Debbie Wasserman Schultz! I hope Trump is right when it comes time for YOUR re-election!

I’m with the Bernie protesters on the end note….“Na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye,” 




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