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BREAKING: #BlackLivesMatter Rally in Dallas – 10 Police Officers Gunned Down by Snipers [VIDEO]


There was a #BlackLivesMatter rally in Dallas tonight and snipers, firing from elevated positions, shot at least ten Dallas police officers.  Three are dead, three in surgery and at least two are in critical condition.

Here’s what the scene looked like.

There are currently no suspects in the shootings.

Witnesses said the shooters, who fired up to 50 rounds, were shooting randomly.  The fact that 10 Dallas PD officers were hit belies that idea.  This will likely turn out to be premeditated murder of police officers by “some group” with an axe to grind against the police.

So far there has been no statement by the Race-Healer-in-Chief and we’ll see how long it takes Loretta Lynch to send anyone from the DoJ to Dallas.

We will be on top of this story as it develops.


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