BREAKING – At Least 84 Dead in France Terror Attack! Who Could be Behind It? A “Refugee!”

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At least 84 people have been killed in Nice, France during Bastille Day celebrations.  A Tunisian “refugee” drove a semi-truck through a crowd of revelers and slaughtered at least 84 people including two Americans, a father and his 11-year-old son from Texas.  The Muslim driver was killed by French police.

Here is a video of the end of the carnage.


There was no immediate claim of responsibility but accounts linked to ISIS were celebrating and using the hashtag “Nice.”  U.S. officials said the attack was in line with ISIS as they are stepping up terrorist attacks worldwide.

Witnesses said the white semi-truck came down the street “at a crazy speed” turning the wheel to mow down as many people as possible.  “I saw bodies flying like bowling pins along it’s route. I heard noises, cries that I will never forget,” said one journalist at the scene.

President Obama reportedly condemned the attack, it’s not known if the driver of the truck was a professional truck driver so the President withheld the judgment that the attack was “workplace violence.”

European authorities are scrambling to explain the attack in a way that won’t upset their “refugee” population.  The driver, a Tunisian-born refugee, is being described as a “weird loner” who became depressed when his wife left him.  He’s reportedly had numerous scrapes with the law.

He exchanged gunfire with police, it’s not know how he could have gotten his hands on weapons or the grenades police found in the truck, France has very strict gun control laws on their books.

Authorities are already pointing out similarities with the Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando.  Both terrorists were well known to police.  Both terrorists have been described by authorities as “lone wolves” with no connection to terrorist organizations.  Of course, in the U.S. those same authorities referred to the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood as “workplace violence” for years after the attack and still won’t admit links between the Muslim terrorist, who was a disciple of al Qaeda, to Islam.

Donald Trump postponed the announcement of Mike Pence as his running mate and strongly condemned the attack as terrorism.

We will be following this story as it develops.

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