BREAKING: Ann Coulter’s Surprise Endorsement Announcement! [VIDEO]

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Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – turned RINO – is in the fight of his political career!! And this endorsement won’t help..

Businessman Paul Nehlen has come out of nowhere to close the gap in the upcoming GOP primary in Wisconsin and it’s now a real horserace!!!

Tune in tomorrow to hear the breaking news (Monday) on “ConoverU: The Morning Show” at 7:30am PT / 10:30am ET (CLICK HERE) when guest Paul Nehlen will make HEADLINES!!


Paul Nehlen (Paul F. Nehlen III) is a Wisconsin executive, entrepreneur, and inventor. He has extensive leadership and operational experience in manufacturing and industry, as well as a record of restoring jobs to the American economy.

As the apparent public revolt against establishment elites continues to gain momentum, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen is aiming to bring down the establishment’s main man in Congress: House Speaker Paul Ryan. Running on a pro-Constitution, pro-jobs platform, the outsider candidate is closing in on Ryan, according to polls. With the tide increasingly turning against politicians viewed as part of the establishment — often ridiculed as “Rino” for being a “Republican In Name Only,” Ryan is the epitome of an establishment politician — media reports suggest the embattled Speaker of the House is getting nervous. Some polls even show Nehlen in the lead as the August 9 primary approaches.

Ann Coulter was very outspoken when Paul Ryan stood the fence on endorsing Trump a few weeks back.


Tune in to hear about Ann Coulter’s Surprise Announcement on ConoverU: The Morning Show, Monday am at 7:30 PT/ 10:30 ET. It is sure to be a doozy!

So what is this surprise announcement? Could be anything! But for sure, it will most likely be designed to stir it up!!! Love her or hate her, she knows how to make a splash!

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