BREAKING: 7 Baton Rouge Police Officers Shot, 3 Dead! IT’S WAR


Three police officers are reportedly murdered from ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The shooting started about 9 AM local time Sunday. At least seven officers have been shot. The shooter is not been captured.

Baton Rouge has been the focal point of #BlackLivesMatter and the Obama administration’s Justice Department since police shot a black felon with a gun on July 5.

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The funeral of Alton Sterling was last Friday and was attended by thousands of people. The major media still can’t bring itself to report that Sterling was selling pirated CDs, something he been arrested for previously, was a convicted felon, a pedophile, and had been arrested previously on gun charges. On the gun charge arrest, the prosecutor and Sterlings judge gave him a break and drop those charges. Had they pursued them he likely would not have been on the street the night he was killed by police.

The reason police confronted on the night of his death is because a 911 call was placed about a “man with a gun” and when police arrived on the scene Sterling wasn’t cooperative, fought police, was tased to no effect, and when police took him down on the ground physically he reportedly reached for a gun.

Those facts are absent from the mainstream media and from the Obama administration’s comments.

Barack Obama has used every opportunity to condemn police, he even did it at a memorial service for Dallas police officers. Barack Obama, the great racial healer, has blood on his hands today. Actually that’s “more blood.”

It will be interesting to see what he’s got to say about the murders in Baton Rouge.

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