BREAKING: 5 Dallas Police Officers Slaughtered by Snipers and #BlackLivesMatter Protest [GRAPHIC VIDEO]


A fifth Dallas police officer has died from gunshot wounds after last night’s #BlackLivesMatter protest.  Snipers on rooftops started shooting during what had been – to that point – a peaceful protest.  Another six officers are in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds.

Here’s video that was recorded by one of the snipers from a rooftop, it shows one of the #BlackLivesButchers murdering a police officer at close range.


As you saw, a shooter engaged a police officer, they exchanged fire and the shooter caught the officer off-guard behind the pillar and shot him in the back multiple times, killing him.

At this time Dallas police are still searching for the shooters and no motive is known.  This was obviously well planned and the Dallas police officers walked into an ambush.

The shooters had established high ground on at least two buildings and coordinated their murderous attack on police officers who were essentially helpless.  Cops were being shot at with rifles from covered positions and had only handguns to try to protect themselves.

We will update this breaking story.

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