Boy That Obama Sure Brought the Country Together, Didn’t He?

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Barack Obama was in Europe last week, a trip that he planned to put him among “friends” and get him away from having to deal with the reality of the mess that 7 1/2 years of his “leadership” have created.


On Friday, after the Dallas shootings, he acknowledged that it had been a “tough week” after two police shootings of black men followed by the premeditated murder of five white Dallas police officers.

The one thing he didn’t do was go off message. And Barack Obama’s message is that America is a fundamentally racist nation. Earlier in the week he had criticized police for the two shootings before the bodies were even cold. Other than videos taken at the scene no investigation has been completed and no conclusion has been reached in either shooting. That didn’t stop him from taking the podium and arguing that African-Americans are more likely to be pulled over, arrested, and shot by police.

His first speech included references to Jim Crow and slavery. It’s not an Obama speech without a reference to Jim Crow and slavery. At another venue he pushed for “national police standards,” a progressive phrase for nationalizing local police departments.

The murders in Dallas gave him the opportunity to talk about how “everyone” was disgusted by the violence while going out of his way to talk about the confusion when it comes to trying to understand a motive for the shootings. Barack Obama is the only person on the face of the earth who is confused about the shooter’s motives. He also took the time to point the finger at “gun violence.” “Slavery,” “racial discrimination,” “Jim Crow,” and “gun violence” are the substance of every utterance that comes from Barack Obama’s mouth.

Barack Obama’s election was supposed to usher in a period of “racial healing.”  Thanks to his overt racism at every opportunity, we are more divided as a nation than we have ever been.  That will be Barack Obama’s legacy.

But then, with friends and “mentors” like this what would you expect?

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