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Booze Parties, Stolen Guns, Male Prostitutes: Welcome to the Secret Service.

0 recently obtained 6,441 freshly released government documents that show just how corrupt the Secret Service really is.

They have uncovered evidence of “booze soaked, amoral and sex-fueled” incidents that make the Colombia hooker scandal in 2012 look tame!

The Obama Secret Service has been scandal ridden for years and now we are beginning to see that what we knew before was barely the tip of the ice-berg! recently obtained 6,441 freshly released government documents that show just how corrupt the Secret Service really is.

Here are some of the highlights in the RadarOnline discovered in the shocking documents!

“A male Secret Service Agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online,” reads one sensational report dated May 2, 2014.

Most of the documents originate with the Department of Homeland Security’s probe (DHS) following the 2012 scandal in which agents brought Colombian prostitutes to their hotel.

One particularly shocking report, dated Aug. 8, 2012, states how a National Threat Assessment Center manager kept booze in an office cabinet — and forced employees to drink while on-duty, “so that he could trust them.”

“[He] sexually harassed every subordinate female [at the center]…publicly asking male employees, ‘Where are my little whores/bitches? Have you slept with them yet?’”

Other reports discuss so-called “Wheels Up, Rings Off” parties; and “Porno-gate,” in which two senior agents were caught with porn on their computers. Another report explains how an agent, “exposed his genitals and started masturbating in front of [a]woman.

“[Confidential Source] related another story of an unidentified special agent who missed his…flight out of the country,” reads the summary of a DHS interview dated July 10, 2012. “When he arrived at the airport he was accompanied by two prostitutes but was not disciplined.”

Be sure to see the article in its entirety!

It has truly been a never-ending story! The Secret Service even tried a cover-up! recently obtained 6,441 freshly released government documents that show just how corrupt the Secret Service really is.

The scandals have become never-ending fodder for comedians, including Michael Loftus and Rodney Conover on the TV comedy, The Flipside with Michael Loftus. So I guess Obama will be watching his Tweets! Maybe he will learn something!

Michael Loftus interviews the new White House Head of Security Joseph Clancy on his new security measures. Hilarious!



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