#BlackLivesMatter Versus Toronto Gays: The Fabulous VIDEO


The Left has a problem in Toronto.  Two of their favored groups of twinkies are at one another’s throats.  #BlackLivesMatter in Toronto shut down the gay rights parade because it wasn’t about THEM!!  Nothing matters to #BlackLivesMatter except #BlackLivesMatter – note:  NOT black lives, #BlackLivesMatter.

Toronto was scheduled to hold their annual gay pride parade on Sunday and all was going well until #BlackLivesMatter showed up. They demanded that the Gay Pride Parade organizers toss the police floats out of the parade and, of course, give them more money.

#BlackLivesMatter was very well organized and they shut the parade down. There was no violence because, well, it was a gay parade.

Here’s the flavor of the demonstration.


And of course, what’s #BlackLivesMatter without list of demands.

4 BLM 1.

Guess what? The “gay community” caved in without a peep. The police floats were pulled and #BlackLivesMatter got their cash.

This was nothing more than a tug-of-war between two “gimme” groups and personally I love the idea of the #BlackLivesMatter thugs shutting down the queer rights marches for cash.

What I really want to see his #BlackLivesMatter show up and shut down Rolling Thunder. I’ll pay to watch that. And it’s not likely #BlackLivesMatter will be trying to shut down anything after that.

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