Bizarre Moment Cars Collide, Furious Woman, Reveals Something VERY Private…

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In this case, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. A woman was filmed doing something utterly disgusting to the family she crashed into. And is now facing five charges and two felonies. OUCH! It doesn’t pay to lose your temper, best to keep that fiery thing in check.

DeMarco was furious after their cars collided along U.S. 95 at the Flamingo Road off-ramp on July 30, he told the local station.
He filmed her as she began cursing and exposing herself at Rodriguez and his family inside the car during rush hour traffic.

‘I mean, what was she thinking?’ he told KSNV.
‘What was the point of doing that. She was going crazy.’
DeMarco is heard screaming: ‘What, b****?
‘What are you gonna do? You hit my f****** car!’
But he said minutes later, she got into her vehicle and sped away from the scene. Trooper Jason Buratczuk, of the Nevada Highway Patrol, said DeMarco is facing hit-and-run as well as indecent exposure charges.

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But her problems with the law don’t end there.
Buratczuk said investigators also looked into the possibility that there may have been fraud and identity theft connected to DeMarco, according to KSNV.
Now, she is charged with committing indecent or obscene exposure in front of a child under 18, a felony, as well as failing to stop for at the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident.

This girly is just bad all around, best to steer clear of her. She is facing to fraud charges on top of everything else. These fraud charges include using someone else’s ID for unlawful purposes, and also obtaining the ID. Things could have been a lot better had she just reacted differently.


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