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Bernie Endorses Hillary – Bernie Voters Prefer “Other


Bernie Sanders finally threw in the towel and endorsed Hillary Clinton. It’s just not clear how much weight that’s going to carry with Bernie’s supporters.

Sanders supporters are turning their noses up at Hillary en masse. They’re looking for pretty much anybody to support the doesn’t look like Hillary Clinton. It’s beginning to look like FBI director James Comey’s accusation that Hillary’s behavior was “extremely careless” is even scaring off Sanders supporters.

Throw in the fact that Hillary and Bill have made millions giving speeches to Goldman Sachs and their Wall Street buddies and that Hillary refuses to release the transcripts of those speeches and Hillary is the Wicked Witch of the West to Bernie’s voters.

2 Hillary 1

Since Comey’s House testimony outlining lie after lie after lie that Hillary has told about her email her support among Bernie’s voters has dropped 12 points in just one week to 41%. They either prefer someone else or they’re going to stay home. It’s so bad for Hillary that 14% say they’ll vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary was in really bad shape with Sanders voters even before Comey’s testimony, only 53% of them said they would support her and now about a quarter of those have jumped ship.

You can expect a full on attack from the Trump campaign about Hillary’s conduct. Certainly Democratic voters don’t care, but Independents and Republicans do and Trump’s numbers are already picking up steam.

It’s going to be a long hot summer.

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Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He's been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980. Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Right Curmudgeon, The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.


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