Should We Ban Members of Religion of Peace From Gay Clubs?

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“Never let a crisis go to waste.” That’s the modus operandi of Barack Obama in seven short words. He’s been doing it on a routine basis for seven and half years but the latest episode, sticking his thumb in the eye of his gay supporters, is simply the height of hypocrisy. I would have expected nothing less From our Hypocrite-in-Chief.

We’ve all seen Obama going out of his way on a regular basis to put the interests of Muslims and Muslim terrorists ahead of the interests of American citizens. His actions after the terrorist attack at the Gay nightclub in Orlando should’ve had the Gay Mafia swarming the White House demanding his resignation. Apparently they drowned themselves in ObamaKool-Aid a long time ago.

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Loretta Lynch went on all the Sunday talking head shows last week and proudly announced that any references to “Allah,” the “Islamic State,” “Al Qaeda” or anything to do with Islamic terrorism were being scrubbed from his 911 call so as, according to Lynch, not to further “this man’s propaganda.”

Obama and his followers attempted to turn another instance of savage Islamic terrorism into an excuse to push gun control.

There’s no length that Barack Obama and Democrats won’t go to in order to protect Islamic terrorists. And there’s no limit to the lies they’re willing to tell in order to move forward to an “Australian solution” on guns.

When Muslims throw gays off rooftops, burn them alive in cages, behead them, put them in cages and lower them into a river to drown, or – as in the case of Iran – try them and execute them for being homosexual, the administration is silent.

When a Muslim terrorist slaughters American citizens, who just happen to be gay, on American soil the administration ignores the obvious.

I would say actions like this should make you wonder where Barack Obama’s loyalties really lie. I stop wondering about that a long time ago.

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