Awkward Moment Man is caught in Apple Store Being A Tad Naughty…

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How many times have you gone into Apple just to browse and get up to date on the latest gadgets? What would you typically expect to see when you notice someone fiddling with the computer? Guarantee it’s not this!

A middle-aged man was sneaking a peak at an X-rated website on a public counter at Sydney’s Apple Store. When another customer strolled by, glanced over, and noticed the naughty naked ladies.
This dogooder’s first thought was to snap a picture of the man in action!


‘Nothing like browsing the casual encounters section of CL on a public computer,’ one user posted in reply to the picture.

The image shows a middle-aged man with glasses hunched over a laptop, resting his hand on his cheek as he casually browses through porn as if no one is watching.
‘Don’t you just love the classic, nonchalant “oh, I’m just reading the news” expression on the guys face?,’ said one user.


An image of a man and a woman performing sexually explicit acts is open on the screen as he sits directly across from another man on a laptop and shoppers walk past.
It seems the public porn browser doesn’t value his privacy very highly.

WOW! The length some guys go through to get their porn kicks and still hide it from their wives…talk about embarrassing, if I were him I’d rather my wife catch me than a total stranger, not near as bad! Seriously, why would he do it out in the open? We really don’t have any morals anymore, do we?!

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