America Now Entering the Stone Age?

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#BlackLivesMatter insists there a peaceful group is that they want to bring harmony to the nation. All they want – according to them – is for cops to stop “murdering” Blacks and they’ve taken to the street to spread their message of harmony.

There was a demonstration Friday night in my hometown of Phoenix. That demonstration will tell you everything you need to know about the nonviolent, peaceful nature of #BlackLivesMatter.

Police were on hand to make sure things didn’t get out of order, and given the close proximity of the demonstration to major freeways and wanted to make sure the demonstrators stayed off those freeways.

Local TV covered the event and here’s what it looked like.

What you didn’t see and that report and what the media didn’t talk about is that the rally organizers labeled this rally and “anti-police rally.”

In addition to the one little skirmish you just saw where demonstrators were throwing rocks and bottles at police, demonstrators moved toward the freeway and police put up a line to block them from shutting down major traffic routes. Demonstrators crowded onto overpasses and rained down rocks, bottles, and chunks of concrete at police.

They marched right up to the police line and started chanting “we should shoot you.”

#BlackLivesMatter, just another peaceful group.

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