America Now Entering the Stone Age?

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I hope all the people who voted for Obama, simply because he was black, thinking that would improve race relations in this country are happy. Our Divider-in-Chief and his little minion, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton are only too happy to fuel the rage which has caused the riots and protests of #BlackLivesMatter.

Thousands of protesters were out in force this past weekend from the “Taste of Chicago” to I-94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, from Washington, DC, to Dallas, Texas, to Atlanta, Georgia and Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Florida. I would have to say Soros and Obama’s plans to destroy America are working: 1) control the narrative – blacks vs white cops – racism and hatred 2) control the media – as public perception is everything, and 3) implement their Progressive agenda: Lie. Divide and Conquer. Looks like they have mastered the first two items (Lie and Divide) pretty well. Now, they’re working on the third before Obama leaves office.


The sad part is, you only have to look at the past history of Marxism to know how Lenin accomplished marxist utopia with “useful idiots”. It seems Soros and Obama have taken some pages right from Lenin’s playbook.

Agitators participating in a “Black Lives Matter” peaceful anti-police protest in Phoenix Friday ended it by throwing rocks at officers and threatening to kill them.

Like throwing rocks and trying to kill cops is going to solve the “problem”, right?

Here what one witness said on Twiiter:

protestors throwing rocks at Phoenix PD right now. Shouting “we should shoot you.” Love these peaceful protests.

Here was a video of the protest:

So do these protesters REALLY think that “throwing rocks” is a “peaceful protest” that will help people empathize with their issues? #BlackLivesMatter. I’d like to know what organized group of protesters this was. Was it the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) that is given $4 million annually from Soros? Or how about the Millenials Activists United, Hands Up Coalition, Advancement Project, Organize for Black Struggle, or the American Institute for Social Justice – all of which are funded by George Soros and his pals. Funds that come through the Open Society Foundation, Tides Foundation and Center for American Progress – all again organizations founded by Soros.

You see anyone in their right mind, can see the narrative. Anyone in their right mind is not falling for the “Black LIES Matter”. Anyone in their right mind can see the writing on the wall. Those “useful idiots” involved in these organizations are blinded by the money and the narrative and need to wake up to the real Progressive agenda.

Meanwhile, a Donald Trump supporter, Matthew Meinecke, was standing in the street and holding a sign for the candidate when the chaos and violence broke out. He was pushed and then trampled to the ground, until the police pulled him out.

“I was standing in the street holding my ground and they started coming around me,” Matthew Meinecke said.

“And then I got cramped and everyone’s like cursing me like crazy and swearing and then I fell down to the ground.

“I was pushed to the ground and then I started getting trampled. That’s when the police pulled me out,” he said.

Unbelievable! People are taking pictures and video of this riot and “peaceful” protest, when Meinecke gets trampled and no one helps him up, but a man in blue? So, I ask you. Who’s at fault? The police or the community organizers – who were probably well funded and organized by Mr. Soros to create more havoc.

Those of you who did your homework and voted for Obama, I bet you didn’t know that he once worked for the same organization, Gamaliel Foundation that fueled the Ferguson protests and was funded by Soros.

When are these people going to WAKE UP to the real issues? Why is no one protesting the high unemployment rates for blacks in America, since Obama has taken office? Why is no one protesting the high rates of black-on-black homicide rates, since Obama has taken office? Wny is no one protesting the NUMBER ONE killer of blacks – ABORTION, since Obama has taken office?

You want to protest something REAL? Protest those issues! But don’t throw rocks! Hurling rocks is fueling the progressive agenda. That’s what Progressives want you to do as “useful idiots” so that they can lie, divide and conquer America and then federalize our police force.



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