So Who is Alton Sterling?.. I mean besides a pedophile and dead-beat dad?

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Alton Sterling is the new darling of #BlackLivesMatter.  He was shot by two police officers in Baton Rouge while resisting arrest.  He had a gun.  Why does #BlackLivesMatter pick losers like this?

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#BlackLivesMatter is probably the organization most in denial anywhere in the world.  He’s being portrayed as an innocent guy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and cops murdered him.

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Here’s what #BlackLivesMatter is trying to portray him to be.

  • A man who’s simply trying to earn a living, to take care of his four children by selling CDs;
  • He wasn’t bothering anybody;
  • He was there with the consent of the store owner;
  • Louisiana is an open carry state but Alton was a “black man with a gun.”
  • A good son and father, a man loved by all who knew him.

But guess what?  There’s more to Alton Sterling.  A lot more.

First of all, the thing that got everything started on the last night of Alton Sterling’s life was a 911 call from someone who turned out to be a homeless man who had asked the “gentle giant” for some spare change.  According to the 911 call Sterling threatened the man with a gun.  So police were responding to a “man with a gun” call when they rolled up outside the convenient store where Alton sold his CDs on the street.

First of all, there’s been no discussion about where Sterling got the CDs he sold.  We don’t yet know if they were pirated or stolen but it’s a good guess he wasn’t doing a normal retail business with CDs.  He was likely breaking the law selling those CDs.

As to who he was, the man, Alton Sterling, there’s a lot more to him than the media is talking about, and certainly more than Barack Obama is talking about.

He had more than a passing acquaintance with law enforcement.  Here’s his rap sheet.

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His arrest record goes back 20 years.  

  • It includes selling CDs – “Sound reproduction without consent.”  happens to be one of the many charges.
  • He’s got numerous drug charges and weapons charges.  Numerous weapons charges.
  • Alton Sterling is also a pedophile.  He’s got a conviction for “Carnal knowledge of a juvenile.”  He was a sex offender.  He got a 14 year old girl pregnant when he was 20.
  • He was required to register as a sex offender and he seemed to have an issue doing that because he’s got two arrests for failure to register.
  • Alton Sterling was a felon.  It is against Louisiana law (and every other state) for a felon to be carrying a firearm.  That alone should have landed him back in prison for a lengthy sentence;
  • He was a member of the Bloods street gang;
  • He had an active warrant for his involvement in gun running;
  • He was such a good father that he owed $25,000 in back child support.

That is the “real” Alton Sterling.  

If Barack Obama had a son …

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