Al-Qaeda Leader Issues Chilling Warning To Westerners, Let Slip Who Next Victims are…

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Al-Qaeda issued a warning to all westerners and ‘enemies of Islam’, they said that they knew what the greatest threat to us all is, and they are right. Random bombings are horrible but what they have planned is torture in the cruelest way! What they have planned leaves us unable to use our weapons to destroy them. It’s a checkmate!


He added that kidnapping was a ‘powerful weapon in the fight against the enemy’.
Al-Zawahiri, an eye surgeon, was named as the leader of Al-Qaeda in June 2011, a few weeks after Osama Bin Laden’s death.
He is believed to be seeking refuge in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area that is the Taliban’s base.

Al-Zawahiri, an eye surgeon who helped found the Egyptian militant group Islamic Jihad, was named as the new leader of Al-Qaeda in June 2011, a few weeks after Osama Bin Laden’s death.
Zawahiri was already the group’s chief ideologue and was believed by some experts to have been the ‘operational brains’ behind the 9/11 attacks in the US.


Zawahiri was number two – behind only Bin Laden – in the 22 ‘most wanted terrorists’ list announced by the US government in 2001 and continues to have a $25m (£16m) bounty on his head.
One of his wives and two of their children were killed in a US air strike in late 2001.

The terror chief’s chilling warning came after two Middle Eastern men tried to grab a serviceman, aged in his 20s, while he was out jogging near RAF Marham in Norfolk last Thursday.
The main suspect, who grabbed the serviceman while he was out jogging, and attempted to pull him into a dark colored people carrier, is thought to have suffered an injury during the incident after being challenged by the victim.

In the scuffle the victim head-butted the attacker and then knocked him in the face, causing the suspect to fall to the floor. Then finally his pansy pal that did nothing the entire time helped the attacker up as the victim sprinted off. Unfortunately, police are still in search of these men. It’s scary that they are not just wanting to kill us right away with a bomb or however else they deem fit to get rid of the non-believers, but, they actually want to torture us for an unprecedented amount of time. This would break the hearts of loved ones across the country if they started taking friends and family, it’s the cruelest form of torture because you know your loved one is suffering and there will be nothing you can do about it. Be AWARE of your surroundings.

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