5 DEAD, 7 Wounded – War Declared on Police! Suspect “Wanted to Kill White People”

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Another chapter in the “War on Police” errupted in Dallas last night. It was a cowardly, senseless, and vicious attack by thugs on police. It was the deadliest day for law officers since 9/11. They were ambushed! They were slaughtered! It was an uncalled for and violent massacre.

The evening started with a protest by those marching in a rally in the downtown Dallas area shouting “Don’t Shoot”! Then, before you knew it, BOOM! the shooting began! Over 60 rounds of shooting!


There were at least 100 officers there for the peaceful protest. The officers were there protecting the rights of those protesting. They were protecting “free speech”.

These thugs probably thought – perfect scenario! AMBUSH! They knew EXACTLY what they wanted to do! These scumbags were organized and targeted police. They wanted to shoot as many cops as they could. This was a PLANNED attack on our finest in blue in Dallas. These snipers were dressed in body armor and came prepared for an ALL OUT WAR! They came with rifles. They came with guns. They came with lots of magazines and bullets. It was a violent, planned, vicious and tragic ATTACK on the Dallas police force.

Here are some of Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown’s words today:

“We’re hurting! Dallas officers are hurting. We are heartbroken. There are no words to describe the atrocity that occured to our city. This divisiveness is our stop. Between our police and citizens. We don’t feel much support most days. Let’s not make today, most days. Please join us in help comfort the grieving officers’ families. Please pray for our strength during this trying time. Thank you”.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown speaks to a crowd of supporters at Gilley's in Dallas on Friday, October 9, 2015. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and State Senator Royce West gave their support with other community leaders at the Appreciation Event. (David Woo/The Dallas Morning News)
Dallas Police Chief David Brown  (David Woo/The Dallas Morning News)

Two snipers shot 12 of Dallas’ finest! 5 cops were killed! Then, the stand off took place on the 2nd floor of a parking garage.

According to Chief Brown, the Dallas Police cornered one suspect. There were hours of negotions. They broke down. Fire was exchanged. A bomb robot was released with an extension. The bomb detonated where the suspect was. The suspect was killed from the bomb.

According to Police Chief Brown, “The suspect said he was upset about #BLackLivesMatter. Upset at recent police shootings. Upset at White People. He wanted to kill white people – especially white officers.” The bomb suspect was killed.

Chief Brown continued, “Please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these, who carried out this tragic, tragic event.”
“I’m not going to be satisfied until we’ve turned over every stone. We’ve got some level that this one suspect did do some of the shooting. But we’re not satisfied that we’ve exhausted every lead,” he said. “So if there’s someone out there who’s associated with this, we will find you, we will prosecute you, and we will bring you to justice.”
Officers killed include one officer with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) agency, which operates buses and commuter rail in the city and surrounding suburbs. The officer killed was identified as Brent Thompson, age 43. He joined the transit agency in 2009, and was its first officer killed in the line of duty. Thompson just got married two weeks ago.

This insanity began, with “Ferguson – Hands Up! and #Black Lives Matter”.

Unfortunately, until we get a government and a president who support our police and believe in our 2nd Amendment Rights – Americans are going to be screwed! More attacks on white police men and women will take place. It’s just a matter of time. This insanity MUST stop! Enough of this #BlackLivesMatter shit. ALL Lives Matter!

Of course, don’t expect Obama to step in and defend Americans. He has done nothing but divide our country. He has divided our society. He has pit whites against blacks. It’s been the worst racial divide since the 60’s.

What did our Divider-in-Chief have to say about the Dallas shooting:  “We still don’t know all the facts, we do know there’s been a vicious, calculated and despicable act on law enforcement,” Obama said.

DUH! No kidding! Thanks to all the #BlackLivesMatter and racial divide you created and your Soros buddy funded.

On the topic of gun control, he said, “We also know when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead we are going to have to consider those realities as well.”

The most dangerous threat to America. Is no doubt, you, Mr. President. You only want to continue to usurp powers and circumvent the Constitution once again . Your goal is to chip away at our 2nd Amendment Rights. We all know before you leave office, your goal is to put in place MORE gun control. Gun control that doesn’t work.

After Sandy Hook, Obama put 23 executive actions in place. They didn’t stop a thing. San Bernardino, they didn’t stop a thing. Orlando, they didn’t stop a thing. Gun control DOESN’T work, just ask those in Chicago. Over 33 shot over the 4th of July weekend alone, but you probably didn’t hear about that, did you?

Our country is in crisis. America needs a leader. America needs a president that will UNITE this country.

Policies and ideology of this liberal administration have driven  #Black Lives Matter and these racist crimes. Enough already! ALL LIVES MATTER!

God Bless Nation and God Bless our men and women in blue during these difficult times.










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